This makes most of my paintings very autobiographical. This self-indulgent stance is perhaps not very fashionable in the current postmodern trend to deal with global issues, politics or esoteric aesthetics. Ultimately, I would like people to respond the same way I do to many early Christian works - not for religious reasons, but for the fact that they were often strange, unworldly, powerful and even fearsome objects of reverence.

I approach my work in two distinct ways.

The first being what I call “splash” paintings. I begin a painting by spilling and splashing liquefied paint onto the surface of a canvas; not unlike an abstract expressionist would. After the paint dries I begin to ARorschach@ images that my subconscious sees in the abstract puddles of paint. I then try to render in a more traditional manner- without completely disturbing the freshness of the spill- a representational narrative that often equals the strangeness and absurdity of dreams.

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Beauty, levity and horror are often combined in what I hope to be a seductive if not disturbing.

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